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Kulturcentrum am Wartburgplatz
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    Wir stellen uns vor

Mittwochs immer – Kultur im Foyer

Mi, 29. August – 20:00

mit Sean Nagata & Richard Bee

Eintritt frei

16716031_10100170612807986_3434629830716069217_oSean Nagata is a Singer, as well as a Songwriter who was born and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. His music is in the genre of Post-Grunge/Acoustic Soul. He moved to Germany last summer and is looking forward to performing at Die Weisse Rose for the second time.

received_1031018543743369Richard Bee was born in Paris, from a family of musicians. He was bathed very early by Jazz, Blues and Classical and then by the generation of Hendrix, Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin …
After 10 years of Conservatoire in Paris, it is at fifteen that he starts the guitar in a self-taught way. A close musical collaboration will be born with Arison, bass guitar, which he meets during the concert at the Elysée Montmartre …
The trigger occurs in 1995, Ben Harper’s discovery playing the Weissenborn guitar, triggering a real fascination for the instrument … He then decides to tamper with a guitar to »slider« on his lap, inspired by the style and technique of Ben Harper and then undertakes to build his own guitar »Lap steel« … the BeeSlide, that he always uses in concert.
After writing songs for performers, he began composing for him and began a series of solo concerts in Paris.
Richard and Arison decide to form a new band, The New Generation, GéGé on drums and Hery (son of Arison) on guitar and keyboards.
In 2013, Richard Bee and his group begin a national tour …
January 2017, the band decides to record MISTER ious SONG S.