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Kulturcentrum am Wartburgplatz
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    Wir stellen uns vor
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Mittwochs immer – Kultur im Foyer

Mi, 17. Mai – 20:00

mit Giorgio De Palo & Unknown In August                                                  Eintritt frei – Spenden erbeten

IMG_2612Giorgio De Palo is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and aspiring producer born in Rome, but raised internationally and nowadays based in Berlin. After graduating in Business Administration at LMU Munich he decided to direct all his craft into the music world, approaching music from different directions. Being open to different genres his music shifts from Pop to Rock, moving through Blues and Folk. Mainly influenced by John Mayer, Jeff Buckley and Jimi Hendrix, he lives his musical journey aiming for authenticity.

UIA_Sticker_2Unknown In August was founded in 2015 by Singer/guitarist Jurgen (Juri) Meijer. Now together with Alexander Lohse on piano, they have created and array of songs that go from happy and silly to sad and serious.
The main premise of the band is to make people feel something using simple songs that mostly tell stories about the singers past and experiences, shaping them in a way so hopefully people can understand or even relate to them.
Together Juri and Alex under the name Unknown In August try to bring some feeling to the world and ofcourse try to have as much fun as possible while doing it!