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Kulturcentrum am Wartburgplatz
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    Wir stellen uns vor

Mittwochs immer – Kultur im Foyer

Mi, 4. Dezember – 20:00

mit Ella & Tara / synekdok

Eintritt frei

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-06 at 21.19.01Zwei Singer-Songwriter-Künstlerinnen mit packenden Stimmen und bewegenden Texten treffen aufeinander: Ella und Tara trafen sich bei einem Open Stage, wo sie sich sofort musikalisch einander verbunden fühlten. So starteten sie ein gemeinsames Projekt. Entstanden ist eine verträumte und doch ergreifende Musik, die die Zuhörer verzaubert.

75262086_273139993587239_221372269522321408_nsynekdok is the pseudonym of swedish singer and percussive guitarist Johan Lövgren.
Drawing inspiration from post-rock and experimental electronica alike, his unique combination of ethereal singing and contemporary guitar techniques creates an introspective, meditative, and melancholic atmosphere.
Struggling all of his life to find the words to describe his thoughts, synekdok turned to music as a way to process and express the things he never could through language. Using his voice primarily as an instrument, the improvised and delicate nature of his performances is an intimate reflection of himself and his longing for belonging.
During a recent involuntary hiatus from playing due to guitar induced tendonitis, synekdok focused his energy on production, releasing his debut single »similar in different ways« in the beginning of October.
Now with his arm mostly functioning again, synekdok is back to performing around his home base of Berlin. He is also in the process of recording a fully acoustic EP to be released next year.